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Cascadian Flag
or just the "Doug"


The family owned small business named smALL FLAGs sells the Cascadian flag AKA the Doug. smALL FLAGs also sell Doug Patches and the Doug Shield which can be sewn on to sleeves or backpacks.

On July 3rd 2010 a large Cascadian flag (Doug) was unraveled over the Timbers Army as part of Timbers game.

This flag was conceived in 1995 when Alexander Baretich was sitting on a hill in Eastern Europe homesick for the conifer trees he grew up with.  Earlier digital imagines of the flag were not how he originally imagined it.  Most of those early digital versions displayed a full color tree.  Eventually in 2004-2005, the full color conifer was replaced with the silhouette of a Douglas Fir which then matched the original idea of the flag.  The flag is also called the Cascadian  flag or just Doug for short. The tri-colors of blue, white and green has been a continuous series of colors applied to the region known as Cascadia, the Oregon Territory, Ecotopia, Chinook Ilahee, Pacifica, the Pacific Northwest, the NorthEast Pacific and all the other names this region comes to be called. The blue represents the unpolluted sky, the Pacific Ocean and the rivers and lakes that flow in Cascadia. The white represents the clouds and snow. The green represents the forests and fields. The conifer tree found in a variety of species throughout the bioregion stands in defiance of storm, fire and Man. The conifer tree as the Douglas Fir, the Redwood, the Cedar, the Spruce, the Pine and all other Evergreens can be found in many of the various political and social organizations throughout the bioregion.


Cascadian "stik sil" (tree flag in Chinook Jargon)
Earlier version of the Tree Flag

The "Doug" has undergone some evolution as it has reached its current incarnation. The earliest digital version was posted at first in the winter 0f 1996-1997. It was inspired as its designer was homesick for Cascadia and was looking out at another beautiful landscape and thought of a fir tree with a Cascadian landscape as backdrop with green hills often clad in white-grey clouds and a patch of blue momentarily cleared above.

Tumchuck Ilahee
another earlier version

Moola Stik Sil (Douglas Fir Tree Flag)




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