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Cascadia Bioregion

Consensus in Nature

Northwest Writing and Regional Identity: Introductory Essay

Could "democracy" be an organic part of the human species?


short definition:
Ecosynocracy - the awareness of the interconnectedness of communities while embracing an all inclusive and all empowering dialogue for consensus decisions within a community or communities that are involved.

long definition:
Ecosynocracy - the merger of the awareness of the interconnectedness of communities or dynamic systems that we, multi-community members, interact in with an all inclusive and all empowering dialogue that includes community building, knowledge sharing, conflict management skills and problem solving as well as individual responsibility and shared responsibility. In ecosynocracy, the basic idea of the devaluing of any life form or community and the intentional removal, hindering or grossly altering of the natural sustenance and natural normalcy for life or organic communities are viewed as the infringement on the sanctity of the whole and sovereignty of every individual alike. Ecosynocracy advocates the recognition of the parallels and connections between environmental exploitation and degradation to such situations as social injustice, the varying degrees of oppression and disregard of basic human rights. In becoming mindfully ecosynocratic, a focus should be placed on the removal of hierarchal labeling or assigning and the using of appropriate technologies for every specific socio-ecological dynamic as well as environmental and social ramifications for actions and inaction alike.

"Consensus decision making in animals"

Larissa Conradt and Timothy J. Roper

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