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Cascadia Bioregion

Northwest Writing and Regional Identity: Introductory Essay


"If the salmon and steelhead are running, then as far as I am concerned, God knows that all is well in His world . . . the  health of the environment is good if the salmon and steelhead are around. It is that simple."

~Tom McCall

"From my first hike I learned that the Cascades [mountains] deserve their name. The sound of falling water rings everywhere. It murmurs in the forest and roars down cliffs. Tiny rivulets trace eccentric paths on the surface of glaciers, plunging into crevasses and joining one another to become torrents carrying powdered rock to the Pacific. The range harbors tremendous quantities of water in its glaciers, icecaps, and snowfields. When the warmth of summer arrives, the frozen reservoir releases its stores and the mountains sing"
~James Martin (North Cascades Crest: Notes and Images from America's Alps)

Oregon Country 1941 Wilkes Expedition

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